Affordable Senior Care In Potomac, Va

byAlma Abell

A time may come in the life of your loved one where they will need care that you are either unable or not in the position to give. At such times you need to know there is someone to whom you can reach out and find the support that you so desperately need. There is an agency in Northern Virginia that offers affordable senior care in Potomac, VA. They want to tell you about things you should expect to receive with senior care.

Senior care facilities are also called assisted living facilities, and depending upon your particular needs, the assistance varies from very little and limited to total dependence (such as with some Alzheimer’s patients). Some people who come into these facilities are able to get along quite well, but just not well enough to live in their own residence away from others. It really is all up to what you feel your needs are. The idea is to assist the senior in living as independently as possible. You should expect meals to be included, the monitoring of your loved one’s health, housekeeping and laundry, and the assistance with daily living activities such as toileting, grooming, bathing and dressing (Again, only if these things are necessary). Other things you may be interested in knowing are what is the philosophy of the facility, where does the facility stand with the Better Business Bureau (have there been any complaints?), or can this facility meet the long term needs I have for my senior loved one?

Specialty Care Services provide skilled care, personal care services, and specialized care for patients and their families in Bethesda, Maryland, Silver Spring, Maryland, the Washington, D.C. area, and all of the Northern Virginia area. They have a vast range of creative and cost effective methods for providing care suited to your unique need. The facility is a licensed nursing provider and have comprehensive care which range from short term stays after getting out of a hospital to long term care for seniors to specialized care for Alzheimer’s patients or patients with dementia. If you would like more information on their senior care in Potomac, VA, visit their website at

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