Lose 10 Pounds In A Week 5 Tips

By Alan Bullington

Lose 10 pounds in a week and you’ll likely just gain it right back. Likely you’ll gain more than you lost over time. Slowly the scale moves… higher and higher… Yo-yo diets got the name for a reason. It’s up and down and up and down. Here are 5 tips to stop the upward march to higher weight.

1. Pick a plan.

Diets mostly don’t work for real weight loss. But short term eating plans can help greatly with a long term plan. If nothing else a quick “weight loss” lets you see something happen. That’s partly because real sustainable weight loss only happens at a slow pace, a pound a week or so. Motivation to stick with it is often lacking just because of the slow pace of change.

2. Write it down.


Commit to what you decide on for a definite period of time. Make a game of it. If you deny yourself something, substitute something else you like. Tell somebody what you’re doing. Be accountable. Stay on track and don’t give up and give in.

3. Keep moving.

Increased metabolism means more fat burned. Start some form of activity to get moving. Anything is a plus. Stop reading about weight loss and get out and move. Truly the right type of activity is more the key to success than is a tricky eating plan. In addition adding activity is simpler than many eating plans too. Especially muscle toning and building activities add up to more fat burned even when you aren’t exercising at all. That’s called a raised basal metabolism and that means a body that’s a good burner of fat.

4. It’s the carbs.

Likely the carbs have got you. It’s the sugars and the carbohydrates that balloon most of us and ruin our health. Look into balanced plans that limit, but not eliminate carbohydrates. Also, realize that bodies are mostly made of proteins and fats. That’s why those are so important and cannot be left out of the weight loss plan. Proteins certainly are not all bad and neither are healthy fats. Check out Dr. Diana Schwarzbein’s books.

If low fat foods and diets worked so well, surely more people would succeed with fat loss since for years low fat foods have been all the rage. Limiting the fats is part of the puzzle but surely not the complete answer for sure.

5. Fill up.

Make something that’s a filler part of the plan. Soups, for example, fill you up, but don’t necessarily contain what makes you fat. Try homemade soups that contain lots of fillers but very few calories. That way the soup can help in the battle against hunger while not adding a lot of calories that must be eliminated somehow.

You can lose 10 pounds in a week. Please make that effort part of a long-term plan. Otherwise all that pain is for nothing. You’ll be worse off the more often you do a short diet. Yo-yo diets actually lead to fat gain and weight gain over time rather than producing weight loss.

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