Narrow Storage Shed Plans

Narrow Storage Shed Plans



In case you do not know, a narrow storage shed is different from a normal looking shed, in that it has a sloping roof across the length of the shed. It is also known as a lean-to shed. If you have never seen one of these, it looks like half a normal shed in size. What is the purpose of one of these sheds, I hear you ask? The design is useful for storing tools and small equipment, while at the same time taking up a comparatively small space.


This type of shed is classed as a space saving shed, and it can be conveniently located alongside a boundary fence, or it could back up against the house. If you think one of these might be a useful addition to your backyard, they are available in kit form. Obviously, the kits come in fixed sizes only, and if this is not right for your situation you could consider obtaining a set of narrow storage shed plans , and have one built yourself. I would recommend having the shed plans made up professionally, because a detailed set of step by step storage shed plans will be an invaluable asset when it comes to building the structure. Being rather restricted in design, the one variable you could choose, to suit yourself, is the length of the storage shed. As always, it depends on what you want to see when the shed is completed. The one I had built is eight feet in length and has a sliding door. I was persuaded by the architect who drew up the plans that it would give the best look to the finished shed, and I have to say I am not totally convinced that it is right for my taste. But, it is too late to change now. Another alternative is to have one or two doors which open outwards. You could also allow for a window in the shed plans, if you wish. I have a small two feet square window in mine. Whether you decide to go for the shed kit, or the build it yourself solution, the finished project will be a useful addition to your backyard storage space. If you shop around for materials before building, you can save yourself some money as well.

For many more shed plans, woodworking patterns, and a free shed plan as well, visit My Shed Plans. There is also a video showing you how two guys put together a large outdoor shed in thirty three minutes. See also Narrow Storage Shed Plans Please note, I earn commissions on sales made via this link.

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Narrow Storage Shed Plans

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