Urbanload Scam The Urbanload.Com Review Read This Before Signing Up

By Mike Powell

Are you looking for reliable dropshippers or are interested to start in the dropshipping business?

I have been looking around for a website to create and sell your products on eBay and I have found one of the best sites…UrbanLoad. I’ve been using Urbanload for about 9 months now and averaging $2600 in net profits every month. This is my review of it:

With urbanload, you can create and sell almost all types of items, from clothing to electronics. The best thing about it is that it is customizable. Every single product can be made unique. (find the right niche and you can make a killing!)


Here is an overview:

Once you become a registered member you enjoy numerous benefits such as: over 1000 wholesale products to customize and se, enjoy worldwide drop shopping services, make money at home without having to do any inventory and learn new ways of drop shopping for your website or on eBay. Once you register, you get a 30 day free trial and a free mouse pad. There are a good number of case studies and testimonies at Urbanload.com, so before you make up your mind go through them and convince yourself. During this trial period you can try for yourself. If you are interested, make your order and start earning big.

With Ubanload you get a great customer service and support, copy and paste product image, you can also copy and paste product descriptions and you get your questions answered when you need them with online support and live chat. Their payment methods are the usual ones; Paypal, AmEx and VISA/MC.

So, how does it work?

The answer is buying and selling just like in any market but this one is simplified. Urbanload sells at extremely low prices. That means it is like a wholesale so you can buy with the modify or customize the product then sell to eBay or your at your website at prevailing market price.

Furthermore, there is NO shipping charges. Shipping is absolutely free and they ship worldwide. There is however a monthly cost of 19.95 after the first free month. This is a relatively small amount to pay. Just sell 2-3 items and you’ll make back that fee.

The requirements to buy and sell are quite simple. Like having a reseller account and having a valid website address for your online business. Once someone buys your product, you order it and it gets shipped to your customer. You never had to keep stock or inventory. You only buy it AFTER your customers pay you. Shipping takes about 9-12 days. The products on sale do not run out of stock easily and those guys are UrbanLoad are fast enough to replenish the popular ones (eg: shirts and t-shirts)


If you want to start dropshipping and want a huge army of ready buyers (ebay), then you should try Urbanload. It is what makes dropshipping on eBay easy.

I am an online business enthusiast; I do most of my transactions online. There are several things that, to me, makes Urbanload stands out. You don’t have to pay for package materials and boxes, you don’t have to set an account with several different companies and force yourself have track of each account. You do not have to keep stock. You only pay once your visitors pay you. It is a easy no-risk setup for starters. So go try it out today and do give a shout out to Thomas (founder of Urbanload) for me.

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